Bloom from the inside out!

Walking as the sun first lights the sky is a favorite time of day for me. The stillness, traquility, the beauty. I think that is the biggest part, the beauty. No matter where you are in the world, life looks better at this time of the day. Hope. Possibility. A new day. New opportunities.  And also a great time for snail watching. ☺

I rediscovered my true love of the beauty of nature walking down the coast path. It was as if the wild roses tapped me on the shoulder and called to me, beckoning with their luscious pink petals, “Honor me, share my beauty”.  -And that is what I have tried to do; transform those amazing petals into something so delicious that you feel as if you are blooming from the inside out.

Supporting local, organic and free-trade producers is top of the list for us. Ingredients that are good for people are good for our heart, body and soul.  May they sing with love. 💛

Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management
Sustainability & Environmental Issues
Innovation & Creativity

We love our home on the planet, we love Cornwall.  Our ingredients come fresh  from the Cornish countryside and are hand-raised, homegrown or hand-picked from the hedgerow or organically tended land and are literally cooked up within hours of being picked. We are proud to keep it local by supporting our Cornish community of farmers and at the same time being mindful of our carbon footprint. We are keen composters and try to recycle, upcycle and just cycle as much as possible.  ~Because nature matters.

Inspired by nature infused with love.
Handcrafted small batches to ensure the highest quality.