Infused spirits of Cornwall

Infused Cornish spirits of exceptional quality

Our ingredients come fresh to the bottle within hours from the Cornish countryside and are hand-raised, homegrown or hand-picked from the hedgerow or organically tended land. Our small batch liqueurs are bursting with the rich botanicals of wild flowers, berries and plants and because we work with nature as respectfully as possible, their true flavours shine through.  No additives, just pure rich flavour.

These products are my art and made with passion and love, each and every bottle incorporates close to 17 hours worth of foraging and kitchen alchemy for a taste that truly bursts with the goodness of the Cornish soil. We are proud to keep it local by supporting our Cornish community of farmers and at the same time being mindful of our carbon footprint. The rhubarb, for example is the pride of John, a Cornishman who lives nearby. He has been tending his very spectacular veg patch for 50 years, he is 86 years old.  For this reason, each bottle is a treasure from a time gone by, the flavour worth the time to slow down and savour.

Come taste the difference!

Spirits Currently Available:


• Bodacious Blackberry Brandy


• Smuggler’s Secret Blackcurrant


• Elderflower Liqueur*
• Strawberry Elderflower Elixir*
• Magic Raspberry
• Sloe Vanilla Swirl


• Cornish Blueberry
• Sexy Sea Buckthorn*
• Magic Raspberry
• Gingered Rhubarb
• Gorse
• Strawberry Rhubarb
• Secret Hedgerow
• Sloe Vanilla Swirl
• Love Potion-Rose Elixir
• Raspberry & Rose

*Premium Limited Edition

Delicious infused spirits of Cornwall