Cordials & Flower Petal Syrups of Cornwall

Cornish cordials & syrups of exceptional quality

A true taste of Cornwall! Inspired by nature infused with love.

Cordials and syrups are so inspiring and incredibly versatile. They raise any event to a special occasion. Also perfect as a creative touch at weddings as a non-alcoholic alternative to traditional fizzy drinks.

Make your own presses simply by adding a touch of syrup to sparkling water for a fraction of the cost and calories, with the added healthful benefit of the botanicals from the flowers and berries.

Hey Chefs, don’t just save them for liquid libation, try drizzling over your favourite dessert, ice cream, yoghurt or porridge or create your own salad dressings, just mix with a little extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of apple cider vinegar. The list is of creative possibilities is virtually endless.

And all you mixologists out there, here’s your chance to dream up your own famous hedgerow cocktail recipes.

Last but not least, do it the Scandinavian way and mix with hot water for a truly lovely winter warmer. (Nothing wrong with adding a nip of your favourite spirit)

Our small batches are bursting with the rich botanicals of wild flowers, berries and plants and because we work with nature as respectfully as possible, their true flavours shine through.  No additives, preservatives or colouring, just pure rich flavour.

Come taste the difference!

Flavours Currently Available:

Wild Rose Petal

Excellent with champagne, drizzled over a dessert, mixed with yoghurt for an exotic smoothie or make your own vintage presse with sparkling water.

Cornish Rose Hip

Kids and adults alive adore this tasty syrup.Take it straight off the spoon or mix in water. What better way to start your day than poured over your morning porridge? And for all you fizz lovers out there, we've been told it is great in a glass of prosecco!

Lively Lemon Balm

Ancient texts say a drink a day keeps the body fit as a fiddle well into old age. Enjoy cool with sparkling water or warm as a soothing winter-time drink. Add a good glug of whiskey and it makes the perfect hot toddy!

Secret Hedgerow Spiced Syrup

A beautiful marriage of sweet and spicy this syrup is made from Cornish blackberries bursting with juiciness. A great compliment to wild game and savoury meats, mixed with coffee for a winter warmer, but the best we've been told is drizzled over fresh watermelon!

Elderberry Elixir

This little elixir is mixed with ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Tasty and beneficial, what could be better? Take straight off the spoon, mix with hot water for a winter warmer or drizzle over your favourite pudding.

Lucy says, "Bloom from the inside out!"